DIY Face Moisturizer v3

DIY Face Moisturizer v4

The good thing about making your own DIY face moisturizer is that there is not a trip to the store involved and more than likely you already have the ingredients at hand so it cost next to nothing (compared to the $45 a jar stuff I  used to use, that’s worth shouting from the rooftops! Sorry Sephora.)

I always try to mix it up a bit and focus on whatever might be bothering me about my skin at the time. This round (version 3) I chose the following ingredients:

Coconut Oil – I always use this as a base. Don’t be afraid of it like I was. It will be your best friend!

Patchouli – I chose this as it soothes chapped skin in the winter

Tea Tree – I chose this for its fragrant influence of cleansing and purity

Lavender – I chose this for its history with Rene Gattefosse’s discovery  to promote tissue  regeneration and its still listed in the British Pharmacopeia.

Frankincense – I chose this for any of the  52 references in the Bible to this oil given to Christ at his birth.

Ylang Ylang – I chose this for one of its traits said to be calming, relaxing and bring back self love, joy and peace. Perfect for this Season!

So I’ve been trying to perfect the”one jar at a time” method and I think I figured it out.


Fill your chosen jar with Coconut Oil (but not all the way to the top! need room for expansion, trust me, my cup overfloweth)

Pour some hot water into a bowl and set your jar in it to melt the coconut oil


Melt Coconut Oil

Pick your chosen oils to make your face moisturizer with and drop 10-20 drops each oil in the melted coconut. (more oils, less drops, less oils, more drops)

DIY Face Moisturizer

Once you have all of your oils in your mixture, seal the top up real tight and shake to mix!

Essential Oil Face Cream

Place your creation into the freezer to set for about two hours, then move to fridge for about two then it should be ready to come back into the real world.

Now, if you have an older home like I do, it may melt when it gets hot, or you take a shower if its in the bathroom, or for no reason at all. I find that leaving it on my dresser works best but everyone will find their own niche.

What combination have you used to make your own face cream? Why did you pick what you used? We love to hear from you and your experiences!

Also, stay tuned for a new addition to our healthy living lifestyle to be announced soon! It’s going to be a pretty one!!!!





Posted on: January 14, 2017, by : wkw4588

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