Essential Oil Beauty Hacks – Cellulite

Essential Oil Beauty Hacks –  Cellulite

I know I am the last person you should be taking beauty advice from but  I finally decided to try this and wanted to share the recipe with you. I like to make up my  own recipes from a culmination of everyone’s recipes. It seems that it would get the best of everything all in one instead of trying one thing and it not working. Just my  own perspective on the whole thing. So, I used the recipes in my book Essential Oils: Integrative Medical Guide and mashed them all together.  Let me tell you, I Love This Book! It’s almost better than the EOPR and if you have been an oiler for a while and went through the great Pinterest Clean Up of 2015/2016 then you will have to get your hands on this book. It has all of those recipes in it!!!!!!

So here’s the recipe I  came up with. (use directions from this post here)

10 drops Rosemary

20 drops Grapefruit

10 drops Lavender

6 drops Helichrysum

6 drops Patchouli

Combined in Coconut Oil in one of the small glass mason jars.

I put it on my problem areas every day  after I shower. It says to use before exercising and putting it on one hour before  so but I’ve been on the bench for three weeks due to a hip flexor injury. Hoping that heals soon, I’m getting tired of being injured.

So, I wanted share the recipe that I made up and will keep you posted on how it works!

What recipes have you created on your own? How have they worked out? We’d love to know!


Posted on: October 24, 2016, by : wkw4588

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