Essential Oils and Tieks

Sometimes you have to get creative and this time it was Essential Oils and Tieks. If you don’t know what Tieks are, they are the most amazing ballet flats ever. I have worn mine EVERY DAY SINCE CHRISTMAS!


So what does this have to do with EO’s? Well, if you wear a pair of shoes everyday, we all know what happens. They start to smell. When they are your favorite shoes and you waited years to get them and spent a pretty penny on them, you do WHATEVER it takes to save them. So, I HAD to find a solution and this is what I have come up with.


I put one Drop of Thieves Essential Oil in the front and one in the back (heel) and rub it in well. ( I accidentally did two for this picture so I just spread it all over). Covering all of the areas that are stood upon all day.

Tieks Covered

Once I have covered the insides of the shoes with Thieves. I found a way  to reuse the bags that our oils are shipped in! Finally!

Tieks in Bag

I slip the shoes into the bag. Its the perfect size! I leave them for my two days off and the the oils do their thing! Now the first time, I was deathly afraid my shoes would smell like Cinnamon Candy when I got them out. For me, that’s not such a bad thing cause I LOVE Cinnamon but I can see how it might not work well in my dressing room at work with clients. I was relieved that they  did not! So, I will repeat this every weekend till its time for tights again, when we don’t have this issue!

What fun things have you come up with on the fly? We are always looking for new innovative ways to use our oils in everyday life!

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Tinkerbell them Tinkerbell Washer Dryer





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