Ihmonw I have my oils now what

Girls: Grab your mascara and add two drops of Lavender to a full bottle (1 for 1/2)

Pop open the Diffuser and fill to the line with tap water (yes, tap) and add some Stress Away. Try out the settings too!

Stream, Alternating, Off : Stream then hold button to turn light off. Same with Alternating too!

Choose a different oil everyday to read just a little about and learn. Make a plan. Follow the Plan. Learn things.

Questions? DO NOT hesitate to ask us! (FB Messenger is great!)



The Pocket Guide to Essential Oils

Essentail oils pocket reference

No oiler can be without this gem. It lists all of the single Essential Oils and blends, where they came from, what they are for, how to use oils, and even a section on common uses!

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Your kit has arrived! Yeah! But now what?

Most of this depends on what your goals are. What are you wanting to work on first? What intrigues you the most?

Are you looking for a better night’s sleep? We fill our diffuser with water (tap is just fine) add 6 drops of Lavender and let it go while we fall asleep.

Are you looking for help with sneezing? We place one drop each of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint in our hands and rub on the soles of our feet,  inhale from cupped hands or place the drops directly under our tongue and hold for 30 seconds and chase with water. What works for one may not work for another….this is all a learning process as each person is different. (see book above)

Look up each Young Living Essential Oil that you received in your EOPR (book above) and learn their uses and constituents. Make a plan, follow the plan, consistency is key. ASK QUESTIONS! We all started the same way so there are not stupid questions! Ask us here!

Pinterest can be your friend or your foe. Tread lightly but go look around! Your best advice will come from fellow oilers, friends and upline.

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