My Young Living Story

My young living story

For over 10 years, I had battled sinus issues. When I was a Flight Attendant, I was grounded many times because of them and finally American Airlines medical told me not to come back because they couldn’t fix me. I tried a few ENT’s and one told me I needed weekly shots, one told me I needed surgery (which I had!) and one told me I had migraines and prescribed me an anti depressant. Well it worked for my migraines but had such horrid side effects, my husband asked me to stop taking it and he would buy me all the tissues in the world! After telling the ENT this, he referred me to a neurologist. OH my word! Those guys have huge ego’s! I left the first office in tears because he didn’t believe me. The second guy wrote me a prescription just so I would stop talking and leave. There HAD to be a better way!

Here’s where the Young Living Essential Oils come in. I was up for anything and had seen some posts about it so I called my friend Jane when I had a super duper headache and asked her to come over. She put some Young Living Essential Oils on me and gave me some samples for the weekend. I didn’t see a huge change but what could I expect in 3 days? A miracle? I decided to just jump in and ordered the starter kit on a wing and a prayer. Three months later I can’t understand why someone didn’t tell me about this sooner. I used to take 8 aspirin a day along with Claritin just to function. No more! I used to take a prescription anti depressant every night to sleep. No More! I am getting my sense of smell back. I haven’t had that in years! I am actually a happier person because I don’t have a constant headache. I cannot believe what this has done for me! Everyone has their own story and it may not happen for a while but it will happen and in the meantime, you can learn how to use natural remedies instead of the ones with a laundry list of side effects.

That was two and a half years ago …… so let’s get you started on your journey here!