Stocking up for the Fall with Essential Oils

Did we really just title this “Stocking up for the Fall with Essential Oils”? Yes, yes we did and are we super sad about it! We saw Pumpkin in our Pinterest feed a few days ago and almost fainted. We are not ready for this! We do not want to give up our long days of sunshine and warmth for fall or even worse, winter! Sadly, it will happen beyond our control so we might as well go down fighting. So here are our must haves for fall/winter:

When we might feel we could breathe a little better: RC

When we think we might have caught something besides a Pokemon: Thieves

When we don’t feel well blend: Thieves, Tea Tree, Lemon, Frankincense, Oregano

When other people don’t feel well: Thieves Hand Sanitizer

When there was too much good food: Peppermint

When we forgot to get a gift: Lavender Hand and Body Lotion

These are all great little things to stock up on and keep handy for when the unexpected happens. Waiting to order till it happens puts you 7 days behind the game and that’s no where you want to be so just add one thing to each month’s order and you will be prepared (and oh so happy you did)!

Speaking of monthly orders, if you have not heard already there will be loyalty gifts for all persons on Essential Rewards begging at 3 months. Now DO NOT panic if you have been on ER for months! Everyone starts qualifying next month (September ’16) so you have not missed a thing! It is a great time to share the news with members who may not be on the program too! It’s only a $50 a month order but its like Airline miles and you get to buy oils for free with the miles and I cannot even tell you how much free stuff I have gotten or how it’s a life saver when I forgot to order something and need to place a quick order, or a family member needs something and I want to show them the beauty of oils! You can read about ER here and PLEASE feel free to ask questions of us at anytime!

Don’t forget we are in the last stretch of the 5 gets you free VivoFit challenge! Here are the details if you are one of our members that are SO close to getting yours!!! Congrats!

Posted on: August 22, 2016, by : wkw4588

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