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Women have been asked to compromise their health and safety in the name of beauty far too long – Beautycounter

I didn’t really think about it much. I’m not one that spends alot of time on myself. Especially in the hair/makeup area. It’s just not my thing. However, once I started paying closer attention to what I was putting in my body I started to wonder about what I was putting ON my body. In the past few months, actually years now, that I started using essential oils, I have started slowly removing toxic things from my  life.  As you’ve seen in previous posts, I make my own face cream, am currently perfecting my  body wash recipe, have switched over to most of the Thieves household products and now, I’ve thrown away all of my Fancy Brand makeup and switched over to BeautyCounter.

A friend of mine mentioned it to me months ago and I kinda looked at it and passed it off. But I kept going back to look at it. Something kept telling me I should do more research. Well I’m not the research type either. I jump right in, head first to everything and that’s what I did here. All I needed to know is that they use a more stringent guideline than our country mandates for beauty products and by  that I mean they  have a Never List of 1,500 potentially harmful ingredients that other countries have banned but somehow the US has not. (please don’t get me started on this nonsense)

So, I will be learning more about all of these products over the next few months and will drop a post here and there about what I have learned, what’s exciting and more. I have a makeup “lesson” scheduled for 12/5 so I will update you after that! Questions or Curious? Just ask!

Here’s the link to my website (yes, another one, you know me, I want to own ALL the businesses!)

Have a great day! Don’t spend too much on cyber Monday! Oh and can someone please find me a Hatchimal!

Posted on: November 28, 2016, by : wkw4588

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